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The war of the cubes has begun

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Cuboid Sandbox
Cuboid Sandbox is an open game that, although might entail some strategy, doesn’t really require any skill in particular. Quite basically, your part in the game is that of a demiurge (a god), or an entity that sets things in motion without directly acting upon them.

So basically on Cuboid Sandbox you'll have three types of cubes (living organisms): red, yellow, and blue. At the beginning of the game you'll see them establish themselves into small colonies and then, depending on a few key decision you make, you'll be able to make them go to war... or have one cube race become the dominant one, or make them all avoid each other and stay in their own respective areas.

Cuboid Sandbox also has amazing graphics, because even though the design is very minimalistic and is basically made up of cubes, it is still very pleasing to see.

Cuboid Sandbox is a peculiar little game in which players, more than asked to overcome a challenge, are treated to a visual simulation show that unfolds before them. In fact, the game doesn’t have any challenges in and of itself, but rather, it is the player that must make his own challenges and goals.

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  • LicenseFree
  • Op. System Windows
  • Category Strategy
  • Language English
  • Author
  • Security level100% safe
  • Size9.72MB
  • Downloads2,455
  • Date 05.21.13

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